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the lake of burano

the lake of burano

The lake of Burano is found on the Tuscany coast to south of the Argentario, the lago has an amplitude of approximately 400 hectares and is constituted from divided water salmastra from the sea from a earth border. The oasis is composed from a rigogliosa flora, wide cane field rows grows along the coast that separates the sea from the lago. In the inside verdeggianti prati, make space, during the autumnal season to the wide water mirrors, typical of the swampy zones. Between the plants that grow in these lands we remember the Giglio of sea, the marine Eringio, the Juniper, the Mirto and the Leccio. Between the fauna of the common oasis we find the Folaghe, the Fenicottero rose, the Fischione, the Cormorano and in spring the red Airone, the ghiandaia, the Cicogna white woman and other anchor. This area was proclamata protected oasis is in 1967, when the association of the Italian WWF verifying that the lago went gradually degrading itself, decided to take in management the entire zone.

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