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the archeological mines parks of san silvestro

the archeological mines parks of san silvestro

A journey into the heart of the land

The San Silvestro Archaeological Mines Park extends over an area of 450 hectares on the hills to the north of Campiglia Marittima. It was created to preserve and make available to the public a vast mining area which since its origins has been characterised by a close relationship between human settlement and resources, archaeology and landscape. The area is rich in deposits of silver, copper and lead ores which were exploited from Etruscan times until 1976. Visitors can discover the history of this mining activity by visiting the Temperino Mine, an evocative underground gallery revealing ancient mining techniques, and by taking a trip through the recently opened Lanzi-Temperino gallery on board a mines train. The mining village of Rocca San Silvestro that lies at the heart of the Park was founded between the 10th and the 11th century at the behest of the Gherardesca counts in order to exploit the rich deposits of copper and silver minerals. An itinerary through remains of dwellings, a church, a cemetery, the lord’s quarters and the industrial area illustrates the daily life of a medieval village, the relationship between the people and the lord, and reveals ancient mineral processing methods.

Villa Lanzi Educational and Documentation Centre

The Villa Lanzi Education and Documentation Centre stands next to Palazzo Gowett facing Rocca San Silvestro. This 16th century-style building houses the Park archives and, with its library, well-equipped classrooms and computer room, is an ideal venue for seminars, conferences, meetings and educational courses at all levels.

Facilities: visitor centre, guided visits, experimental archaeology available on booking, bookshop, parking, bar, restaurant, hostel, Villa Lanzi convention centre

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