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il tour del balestro

il tour del balestro

In May and August every year the festival is repeated. The proposal includes 2 or 3 mtb tour in more active participation in all cuello which is the contour of the feast. From 230.00 to 450.00 on p. Each tour mtb can vary from 25 to 40 km. The BALESTRO held twice a year on 20 May if holiday or dedicated following Sunday in San Bernardino, and the second Sunday in August where we are celebrating the birth of a free Commune.

The evocation consists of a race with the shooting Balestra Ancient all'italiana where 24 Balestrieri (8 for terziere) are courting the Palio or cloth made in premium for their terzieri (Borgo - New City - Old Town).

Square with its frame buildings is the natural historical whose listed parade compounds and alter as real medieval characters, and travelled by air rings clarions of rollers and drums, the colourful flags flying high in the sky. The typhoid Contrada assiepati on the steps of the cathedral, explodes every shot that "violates the rate."
The atmosphere becomes incandescent when it is proclaimed the winner and the crowd began a party that ends only at dawn. How Biker not sure you can escape these moments that will make your holiday intoxicating, day to day immersion sìngle-trek into the typical wild boar, reckless developments between rivers and lakes hidden caves and lairs, but in the evening the atmosphere of festivity rapirà you and only your inseparable Mountain biking you can find their way back to bed, with a saddle on pacca you fiderai night and day with her.

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