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history of massa marittima

history of massa marittima

Massa Marittima rises in the area called the "hills metallifere" known since antiquity for the abundance of metals in the subsurface. The town is famous for its beautiful central square, Piazza Garibaldi, which is facing the cathedral, the Palazzo dei Priori that the Municipality. The first can say that this is only a work of beauty, built in the Romanesque style / Gothic Pisa. The building of the municipality is also Romanesque style, but denotes a building more, being formed by the three structures: the original building, the Tower and the building of accounts Bisenzio. The last, also Romanesque style, is now home to two important cultural centres those the Municipal Art Gallery and the Museum of Archaeology. We can then sue the Mining Museum, the one in Italy with its 700 metres of tunnels and Etruscan necropolis near Lake all'oasi dell'Accesa, always described as "a tear from heaven"

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